About me

I grew up in a little town, just outside of Rochester, New York.

Mesmerized by the automotive world at a young age, I devoured magazines about cars. 

I attended my first Grand Prix in 1976 at Watkins Glen. When that wasn't enough,

I headed to the Spenard-David Racing School to immerse myself in the whole racing experience. 

 I started painting in 1994 after some lengthy discussions with some automotive artists at a vintage racing weekend. I have been very fortunate to have had some commissions as well as

the opportunity to create a mural in Watkins Glen at the Chamber of Commerce Bureau.

My goal is to create images that impact the senses in a similar way as they do on the track. It's about the color and the sound but also the craft of the driver to achieve maximum speed at the edge of control.

Hope you enjoy my work.